Principal Investigator:
Kerstin Tiefenbacher Personal webpage
University of Vienna Webpage
Project title:
FEMAC - Career Development Programme for Female Academics Project Webpage
Ongoing (01.10.2017 – 30.09.2019) 24 months


FEMAC - is a three-semester career development program for female postdocs and habilitation candidates at the University of Vienna and is held in English. FEMAC is a gender-equality program and aims to offer a space for female postdocs to reconsider their current profile, academic standing, and their future career options, hence reaching their professional goals. The program is based on interdisciplinary group coaching (a group consists of one coach and up to six coachees) and the transfer of strategic and structural knowledge in specific soft skill workshops. While coaches supervise the participants throughout the whole program and provide their professional expertise on the Austrian and international landscape of higher education, the international trainers focus on personal skills and competencies an academic career demand. Additionally, the participants can exercise the option of individual coaching to meet the specific needs of individual career paths. FEMAC contributes to establishing equal opportunities for female researchers at the University of Vienna in order to increase the number of female academics in leadership positions. The results of the intern evaluation of the ongoing FEMAC program has been integrated into the new program concept.


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