Additional Measures

We finance accompanying projects, although to a lesser extent and mainly within our existing programs. The maximum funding amount is €100,000. The initiative for such projects comes from the WWTF.

Current calls

Support for the elaboration of a tailor-made strategic roadmap for embedding Digital Humanism in organizations.

In order to support the elaboration of strategies/roadmaps for the implementation of the ideas of Digital Humanism in organizations, the two funding organizations WWTF and Vienna Business Agency have launched a joint call for proposals for the first time. Companies are supported by the Vienna Business Agency, research institutions by the WWTF. The cooperation of different players from business, science and civil society is a prerequisite to participate in the call.

Funding: 80%, the maximum funding is EUR 40.000 per project in form of a grant. A total of at least EUR 400,000 is available.

Call is open from: 28.4.-12.07.2022

Guiding question: What does the respective research institution or company want to achieve in the next few years in order to further develop digitialization in the sense of enlightenment and humanism, based on a human-centered approach? The funding aims to support the development of strategic roadmaps on how to embed Digital Humanism in the respective organization.

Who: Existing Viennese companies and research institutions in mandatory partnership with a complementary stakeholder. One application can be submitted per organization.

What: Personnel costs, external services such as costs related to development of the roadmap with the complementary partner, for workshops, material and consumption costs, etc.

Eligibility Criteria: Clarity of the objectives and work plan, convincingness of the planned steps after the implementation of the roadmap, commitment of the organizations' leadership, strength of the organisational partnership, contribution to the implementation of the ideas of Digital Humanism, planned impact of the action.

Applications will be evaluated by external jury members.

Project duration: maximum nine months

Submission: Ongoing until 12.07.2022. Applications can be submitted in German or English. The submission takes place electronically via To upload the application you need an individual access - please contact Donia Lasinger or Petra Steinkogler to create your personal account.

Contact: Depending on whether you are part of an existing company or a research institution, the Business Agency or the WWTF are available for further information and questions!

Are you a research institution / will the roadmap be created for a research institution?

You will find the tender guidelines, application form and further documents in the documents section below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Donia Lasinger!

Are you an existing company / will the roadmap be created for an existing company?

Please contact Petra Zwirn +43 1 25200 427 or and have a look at their website.

Networking, further information and events:
  • Kick-Off Event: 27.4.2022, 15-18. Click here for further information and here to go to the recording of the event.
  • Digital Matchmaking Even: 18.05.2022 10:00-13:30: Use our matchmaking platform for current information and to network with other stakeholders or even to find your cooperation partner! You will also find a wide range of further details on Digital Humanism. Register now to participate!

Earlier calls

Without much anticipation, COVID-19 affected Europe in a dramatic speed at the beginning of March 2020. Scientific expertise was and still is important to deal with the crisis, however, to base it on evidence, data is needed. Furthermore, data had to be collected swiftly in a very dynamic development. The WWTF Rapid Response Call aimed at supporting data collection in a crisis at its peak. As a result, we developed and exected a call within 10 days. 

We thank two private donors (one of which is the MEGA Bildungsstiftung) who help sponsoring this call as well as the City of Vienna which match the private contributions.


Funding volume: € 1.058.321,65 

Number of applications: 40 
Awarding procdure: The process focussed on speed while maintainig quality assurance. Rectorates of universities and heads of research institution in Vienna made an internal preselection of applications.

In the final step, the call jury selected the projects for funing in an online meeting. 

Jury meeting: March 30, 2020.

Corona Booklet Reflexion aller Fördernehmer*innenread online

Contact person: Michael Stampfer


  • Thomas Dorner | Medical University of Vienna
  • Irene Fialka | iNiTS
  • Klemens Himpele | WWTF Advisory Board & Municipality of Vienna
  • Helga Nowotny | ERA Council Forum Austria & Austrian Council
  • Fritz Ohler | formaly technopolis
  • Rudolf Winter-Ebmer | JKU Linz



Funded projects

Funding volume: 246.230 €
Number of applications: 12
Awarding procedure: Selection by expert panel
Jury meeting: 16.5.2019
Formal decision by WWTF Board of Directors: 11.6.2019

Contact person: Donia Lasinger

  • Members of the call jury:
  • Irene Fialka (Jury Chair) | Innovation into business (INiTS)

  • Eva Czernohorszky | Wirtschaftsagentur Wien/ Vienna Business Agency

  • Wim Fyen | KULeuven Research & Development (LRD)

  • Stefan Harasek | Patentamt Österreich (ÖPA) / Austrian Patent Office

  • Peter Nussbaumer | Lead Discovery Center, Dortmund

  • Andreas Wildberger 

Funded projects

WWTF calls often require societal and economic relevance in addition to scientific excellence. This call provided for the first time the opportunity  to further explore this avenue. The overall aim of the NEXT call is to help create ideas which show how results from WWTF funded research can be transferred to the next level of exploitation and utilization. A NEXT project is focusing on one main transfer activity.

Funding volume: 195,990 €
Number of applications: 17
Awarding procdure: Selection by expert panel
Jury meeting: May 22, 2017
Formal decision by WWTF Board of Directors: June 12, 2017

Contact person: Donia Lasinger

For more information see the NXT17 Call fiche

Members of the call jury:


  • Irene Fialka (Jury Chair) | Innovation into business (INiTS)

  • Eva Czernohorszky | Wirtschaftsagentur Wien/ Vienna Business Agency

  • Wim Fyen | KULeuven Research & Development (LRD), ‘Lcie’ (Leuven Community for Innovation driven Entrepreneurship)

  • Stefan Harasek | Patentamt Österreich (ÖPA) / Austrian Patent Office

  • Hannes Leo | CEO & Founder of Discuto & cbased

  • Joachim Seipelt | austria wirtschaftsservice (AWS), Entrepreneurship | Schutzrechte | Seedförderungen



Funded projects

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