Board of Directors

„The most important tasks of the Board of Directors are setting strategy, deciding priorities, deciding whether to approve grant applications and setting the fund's long-term direction.“

Dr. Michael Häupl, WWTF President
Dr. Michael Häupl

President, WWTF 

Dr. Stephan Koren

Vice President, WWTF Manuela Baccarini

Vice Rector, University of Vienna 

DI Gerhard Mayr

Chairman of the Board, UCB S.A. Former Executive VP of Eli Lilly 

Univ.-Prof. in Veronika Sexl

Rector, University of Innsbruck 

Mag. Franz Zwickl

previously "AVZ Privatstiftung zur Verwaltung von Anteilsrechten" 

Bettina Boigenreif

Office of Dr. Häupl 

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