The NEXT programme addresses previously WWTF funded researchers to develop a concrete concept to transfer and spread the acquired scientific knowledge and project
results to a broader audience. WWTF funded Principal Investigators (PIs) are eligible to submit a proposal only upon invitation, typically projects from 4-5 calls from recent  years. 

Current calls

NEXT - New Exciting Transfer Projects 2019 (being processed)

The second NEXT call addressed previously WWTF-funded researchers to develop a  concrete concept to transfer and spread the acquired scientific knowledge and project
results to a broader audience, who want to implement innovative activities which will allow the project to reach new stakeholders.

The possibility to apply is only open upon invitation for the WWTF project calls ICT15, CS15, LS16, MA16 and Vienna Research Group Leaders from 2010-2016.

A total of € 200,000 are dedicated to this call. WWTF grants a maximum of € 50,000 per project.

Deadline for the submission was April 25, 2019. 12 proposals were submitted. Currently, the proposals are under review. 

Contact: Donia Lasinger

Earlier calls

NEXT - New Exciting Transfer Projects 2017

WWTF calls often require societal and economic relevance in addition to scientific excellence. This call provided for the first time the opportunity  to further explore this avenue. The overall aim of the NEXT call is to help create ideas which show how results from WWTF funded research can be transferred to the next level of exploitation and utilization. A NEXT project is focusing on one main transfer activity.

Funding volume: 195,990 €
Number of applications: 17
Awarding procdure: Selection by expert panel
Jury meeting: May 22, 2017
Formal decision by WWTF Board of Directors: June 12, 2017

Contact person: Donia Lasinger

For more information see the NXT17 Call fiche

Members of the call jury:


  • Irene Fialka (Jury Chair) | Innovation into business (INiTS)

  • Eva Czernohorszky | Wirtschaftsagentur Wien/ Vienna Business Agency

  • Wim Fyen | KULeuven Research & Development (LRD), ‘Lcie’ (Leuven Community for Innovation driven Entrepreneurship)

  • Stefan Harasek | Patentamt Österreich (ÖPA) / Austrian Patent Office

  • Hannes Leo | CEO & Founder of Discuto & cbased

  • Joachim Seipelt | austria wirtschaftsservice (AWS), Entrepreneurship | Schutzrechte | Seedförderungen



Funded projects

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