October 09, 2017

The NEXT step - new WWTF funding scheme

As the name suggests, this funding scheme supports the next steps from obtaining scientific resultus from basic research project to a transfer and specific applications.

PIs who had already received a grant by WWTF could apply for funding for their translational research ideas. This attracted wide interest and the range of ideas was manifold. The budget per transfer idea could count up to 50.000 €, e.g. to build a prototype. The essential requirement was that new target groups should be adressed with the projects, which differed from the "original", scientific ones.

The jury was chaired by Irene Fialka, managing director of INiTS and recommended four projects: "The submitted projects were all very creative. It was not easy to select the four projects. The researchers have prooven that they cannot only conduct excelent research, but also develop exciting business models".

The funded projects of the first NEXT-Call are:

  • Arthur Flexer - aMOBY - Acoustic Monitoring of Biodiversity (originally funded project: MA14-018)
  • Markus Aspelmeyer - A Monolithic, Broadband Vibration Isolation Structure for Industrial Applications (originally funded project: ICT12-049)
  • Gerald Matz - Unleashing finite-alphabet implementations of LDPC decoders (UNFOLD) (originally funded project: ICT12-054)
  • Dea Slade - Applying a new UV laser-based module to monitor protein-protein interactions after DNA damage using time-resolved spectroscopy (originally funded project: LS14-001)

A press release (in German) can be found here.

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