06. September 2022

20 Years WWTF

on 1.9.2022 at the Vienna City Hall

05. September 2022

Digital Days 2022

19. and 20.10.2022
At Impact Hub Vienna

13. June 2022

Cooperations between Austria and North America in science and research

Study by ZSI and WWTF GmbH 

23. May 2022

Pilot Call 2022: Empirical Social Sciences

Quantitative Data Research

Launch of the Call for research projects with quantitative data in the area of Empirical Social Sciences

14. May 2022

Digital Humanism Summer School

September 19-23, in Vienna

13. May 2022

Vienna Gödel Lecture: Toby Walsh

Vienna Gödel Lecture 2022 at TU Vienna with Toby Walsh: June 9th, 2022 starting at 17:00

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