10. July 2024

In memoriam

We mourn the loss of Arnold Schmidt, a long-standing member of the WWTF Advisory Board.

03. July 2024

Spontan gefragt: overcoming borders

Prof. Andrea Weber from the Central European University in conversation with actor Rohed Khan about work and mobility.

19. June 2024

7 additional scholarships for neuro/cognitive research

As part of the FENS Forum, early-career researchers will complete a 2-3 week short stay in a Viennese laboratory.

18. June 2024

Digital Ethics, Robo Dogs and Moral Machines

Conference for digital ethics in the 21st century
From 27 to 28 June 2024 at the Austrian Academy of Sciences

12. June 2024

Cloud empires: how can we take back control?

Discussion with Vili Lehdonvirta and guests from Vienna on 12 June at 18:00 at WU Vienna (Video coming soon)

30. January 2024

€ 7 Mio. for new AI/ML-Projects

9 excellent and interdisciplinary research projects funded

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