Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators Call 2017 - Mathematik und...EI-VRG17-001

Alumni Online Mentoring - Frauenförderungsmaßnahmen

Principal Investigator:
Completed (01.10.2018 – 31.12.2019)
Funding volume:
€ 50,000

The goal of this project was to develop a blended-mentorship-tool which supports mentorship-activities specifically for women and other disadvantaged groups of people transitioning from University studies into the job market.

The offline measures we took focused on training mentors to be able to better be aware of, understand and help with gender-based obstacles that women face in the job market. As online measures we firstly implemented technical features into the online-tool which show the genderequality efforts as an integral part of the mentorship and let mentees look for mentors with a background in gender-equality, and secondly we developed information- and awareness-content for the users of the mentorship tool.

Both target groups, mentees as well as mentors, have responded very well to these measures. We find them to be very much engaged with the services and have received great feedback especially on the workshops for mentors. Furthermore, we were expecting some level of opposition from our audience, specifically when we implemented the use of the gender star for the whole project one year prior to its implementation throughout the University of Vienna. Yet even with all of our measures of outreach to approximately 15.000 people just in the first year, there was only one reply of a person who reacted negatively.


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