Life Sciences Call 2005 - Molecular Mechanisms and MethodsLS05-039

Molecular Mechanisms of Antivirals

Molecular Mechanisms of Antivirals
Principal Investigator:
Joachim Seipelt
Molecular Mechanisms of Antivirals
Abgeschlossen (01.03.2006 – 31.08.2009)
€ 670.100

The project pursues an interdisciplinary approach to identify the mode of action of three novel antiviral compounds which are effective against picornavirus multiplication, such as human rhinovirus and coxsackievirus. In addition, these substances also inhibit influenza virus, a pathogenic member of the orthomyxoviridae. The molecular basis of the surprising broad antiviral activity of these compounds is not known. We will combine virological and biochemical methods, advanced tools such as proteomics and microarray analysis, animal models, and genome wide screening techniques in yeast to gain insight into the viral and cellular processes targeted by these antiviral compounds. Results from this project will form the basis for development of novel antivirals.


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