Covid-19 Rapid Response 2020EI-COV20-020

COVID-19 im Flucht- und Integrationskontext – Soziale Implikationen der Pande-mie für die syrische und afghanische Community sowie NGOs der Flüchtlingsbe-treuung in Wien

Principal Investigator:
Maria Six-Hohenbalken (ÖAW - Austrian Academy of Sciences) (Co-Principal Investigator)
Completed (01.05.2020 – 30.11.2020)
Funding volume:
€ 48,328


The project examined the problems and challenges of refugees during the COVID 19 pandemic. Experiences during and after the first lockdown and the effects on different spheres of life (health, finances, home schooling) were investigated by means of an online survey with 132 persons (78 from Afghanistan, 54 from Syria) and qualitative interviews with NGOs, experts and associations.

Social distancing has disrupted social networks (education, work) that are important for integration. 50% of the respondents felt more stressed by financial problems, unemployment, forced interruption of education and uncertainty about the fate of relatives in the country of origin. More than half of the respondents indicated psychological stress factors (isolation, loss of social contacts). The initial language barriers, trust in state structures with regard to measures and specific needs were countered by comprehensive support from the respective communities (translations of state measurements, homeschooling, medical assistance).

The special importance of social media has been significantly increased for all areas of life. The expansion of therapeutic support and homeschooling as well as financial and institutional support for the services of the communities would have to be further expanded.


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