Joint Projects

Vienna as a hub of innovation does not end at the city limits. A greater "Vienna Innovation Area" is important and useful in efforts to become one of Europe's most important research and innovation metropolises. Central to this aim is the networking of research communities.

The province of Lower Austria finances the costs of the partner institutions in Lower Austria in the context of "Joint Projects". The participation of Lower Austria brings more welcome competition and opens the possibility of establishing new collaborations. This is a valuable gain for all.

What is a Joint Project? 

A project submitted to WWTF, with a share of the Lower Austrian partner organization between 20-49% of the total funding. The goal is to receive applications in which the partners cooperate on an equal footing.

Cooperation Agreement with Lower Austria

  • Current cooperation agreement 2022-2025
  • Maximum total amount of € 3 million i.e. up to € 1 million per year
  • Maximum project funding up to € 1 million per year to Lower Austrian project partners
  • A somewhat higher total budget for Joint Projects (compared to regular WWTF applications that are based mostly in Vienna) serves as an incentive for cooperative projects
  • The budget for Viennese partner institutions is paid by the WWTF from its own funds, while the budget for institutions in Lower Austrian is financed by the trust funds of the province of Lower Austria
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