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Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators 2022

The 13th Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators call 2022 is issued for up to two group leader position as part of the WWTF’s Environmental Systems Research programme.

  • It addresses Vienna-based universities and research institutions that intend to hire an excellent young researcher from abroad for setting-up and managing an independent research group. Active recruitment procedures are mandatory.
  • This group must address substantial state-of the-art scientific research questions in the area of environmental systems research.
  • WWTF especially encourages Vienna-based research institutions to propose female group leaders.
  • WWTF takes unconventional research careers into consideration.
  • WWTF in total grants up to two positions with up to € 1.6 million per research group for six to eight years of funding.

For more details please refer to the VRG 22 Call Fiche and to the "Call Specifications", both available online at

You can find more details regarding WWTF's new funding guideline here.

All interested parties are cordially invited to an online Proposers’ Day on April 6, 2022, 10 am - 12 noon (please contact us for registration).

Announcements of Viennese Research Institutions:

Please do not hesitate to contact the Call Manager for more information:
Donia Lasinger
Tel.: +43-1-402 31 43 - 16

currently open

Life Sciences 2022

The Vienna Science and Technology Fund Life Sciences 2022 Call “Public Health” opened on the 28th of October 2021. This call is open to researchers at universities and non-university research institutions, who seek to conduct a cutting-edge interdisciplinary research projects (2 to 4 years) to explore and develop innovative methods and tools to improve health at a population level. Additional funding opportunities are available for collaborative projects between scientists in Vienna and Lower Austria. Details can be found in the Call Specifications and at

A total of € 3,0 million has been dedicated to this call. The funding range per project is € 250,000 to € 500,000. 

This is a two stage call:

  • Deadline for short proposal: 18th January, 2022 - 2pm 
  • Deadline for full proposals (upon invitation): 17th May, 2022 - 2pm 

Do you want to find a project partner? Join our Matchmaking Platform.

Please do not hesitate to contact the call manager for further information: Benjamin Missbach


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