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WWTF calls often require societal and economic relevance in addition to scientific excellence. This call provides the opportunity to further explore this avenue. The overall aim of the NEXT call is to help create ideas which show how results from WWTF funded research can be transferred to the next level of exploitation and utilization. A NEXT project should focus on one main transfer activity.

The possibility to apply is only open upon invitation for the WWTF project calls ICT15, CS15, LS16, MA16 and Vienna Research Group Leaders from 2010-2016. A total of € 200,000 are dedicated to this call. WWTF grants a maximum of € 50,000 per project.

Proposals have to be submitted by 2pm on April 25, 2019 via the online submission system.

For more details please refer to the “WWTF Funding Guidelines”, the NEXT19 Call Fiche and to the NEXT “Call specifications and guide for writing the proposal”. Moreover WWTF offers personal consultation on appointment.

Contact: Donia Lasinger

currently open

The tenth call in the “Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators" programme in the field of "Information and Communication Technology - Interdisciplinary Data Science” is now open. This group shall strive to improve the understanding of substantial current scientific research questions in the field of data science that lead to applicable solutions in and together with other disciplines with potential medium term economic or social benefits. The ability to bridge disciplines is thus a key evaluation criterion. We also encourage new interdisciplinary combinations.

It addresses Vienna-based universities and research institutions that intend to hire an excellent young researcher from abroad for setting-up and managing of an independent research group. Active recruitment procedures are mandatory.

WWTF grants one position with up to € 1.6 million for six to eight years for the research group.

Please submit proposals online only by 2 pm, June 13, 2019.

Decisions are planned for December 2018. Hearings of selected candidates will take place in Vienna end of November / beginning of December 2018.

All interested parties are cordially invited to an open Proposers’ Day on April 3, 2019, 2 pm - 4 pm, Schlickgasse 3/8, 1090 Wien.

Fur ruther information please see the VRG19 Call Fiche, the VRG19 Guide for Writing a Proposal and the current VRG Funding Guidlines (German).

Contact: Donia Lasinger

currently open

The project call “Multimodal Imaging” within the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) Life Sciences Programme invites researchers at universities and non-university research institutions in Vienna, including those moving to Vienna, who want to conduct a cutting-edge research project (2 to 4 years) in the field of multimodal bioimaging. Proposals should address an important question in the life sciences and develop novel multimodal imaging approaches and data integration methods. Proposals should bring together researchers from complementary scientific disciplines such as biology/biomedical researchers, bioimaging specialists and computational scientists to foster interactive partnerships across Vienna. In total € 4 million are dedicated to this call. The funding range per project is € 200,000 to € 700,000.

This is a two stage call: Short proposals have to be submitted by April 4th, 2019. Full proposals have to be submitted by August 8th, 2019.

For more details please refer to the Guide for Writing a Short Proposal and the Call Fiche.  

All interested parties are cordially invited to an open Proposers’ Day and Networking Event on February 27th, 2019, starting at 2 pm, at the Albert Schweitzer Haus, Schwarzspanierstraße 13, 1090 Vienna. Please register here by the 22nd of February.  

Additionally, WWTF offers personal consultation on appointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Call Manager for more information: Johanna Trupke

being processed

The fifth WWTF project call within the Information and Communication Technology programme closed on Thursday, January 17, 2019. 96 short proposals have been submitted. These proposals will now be evaluated by the international jury. The invitations to submit a full proposal will be announced in early March 2019 at the latest.  Full proposals may be submitted only upon invitation, by 2pm CET on the 16th of May 2019. The call jury will convene in September 2019 in Vienna. The decision will be announced after the meetings of the WWT Boards in autumn.

In total 5.5 m Euro are dedicated to this call.

For more information on the call please refer to the call fiche.

Contact: Michael Strassnig

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