22. Mai 2019

A report by Michael Stampfer

"Pros and Cons of distribution streams of governmental funding for research"

'Pros and Cons of distribution streams of governmental funding for research'

FORMAS, the Swedish government research council for sustainable development, commissioned a report to summarize our current knowledge on the effects of different funding streams to the universities and to single out pros and cons.

The report was written by Michael Stampfer, Managing Director of WWTF. 

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The report "... serves to find out what we know about the pros and cons of individual funding instruments and about the interplay between such instruments, both derived from the scholarly literature and from evaluations. It contains no search for best practices, no what-if speculation and no kind of ranking which model or mechanism works better than others. All the mechanisms under scrutiny are thickly coated with specific cultural properties. Each country has its own profile. Historical trajectories often do matter more strongly than the technical design of funding instruments as such. Universities within countries and across Europe are still very different, although our analysis excludes other actors in Higher Education like university colleges. Universities date back up to 800 years, TPF up to 100 years, New Public Management 50 years and “excellence” funding programmes 30 years." 

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