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13. November 2020

Third Vienna Workshop on Digital Humanism / organized by TU Wien

Strategies for a Humanistic Digital Future

The Digital Humanism initiative has been launched more than a year ago with the Vienna Workshop on Digital Humanism in April 2019. What started as a first gathering of academics from different disciplines, such as political science, law, sociology, history, anthropology, philosophy, economics, and informatics, has developed into an established international community spanning academia, civil society, public organizations and industry. Milestones in the process were the publication of the Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism, an online workshop in light of the COVID crisis and an ongoing lecture series with renowned international speakers.

We understand Digital Humanism as an approach that analyzes and influences the complex interplay of technology and humankind, for a better society and life, fully respecting universal human rights. We do not only want to analyze and discuss, but also act and participate in the future development to encourage human-centered innovation. Thus, this third workshop elaborates on possible strategies for selected fields such as AI in Europe, education, and resilient sustainable systems.



Thursday, November 19th

All times in CET

4:00-4:05 PM – Welcome

Hannes Werthner (TU Wien, Austria)

4:05-5:15 – Educating for a Humanistic Digital Future

Panelists: Randy Connolly (Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada), Lorella Zanardo (Activist & Writer, Italy), Johanna Seibt (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Moderator: Enrico Nardelli (University of Roma ‘Tor Vergata’, Italy & President of Informatics Europe)

5:15-5:30 – Break

5:30-6:45 – AI Developments in Europe

Panelists: Anu Bradford (Columbia University, USA), Shada Islam (Independent Advisor & Strategist, Europe), Marietje Schaake (Stanford University, USA), Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou (Member of the European Parliament)
Moderator: George Metakides (President of Digital Enlightenment Forum, Visiting Professor, University of Southampton)


Friday, November 20th

4:00-5:15 – Resilience and Sustainability

Panelists: Edward A. Lee (UC Berkeley, USA), Moshe Y. Vardi (Rice University, USA), Eric Masanet (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
Moderator: Sally Wyatt (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)

5:15-5:30 – Break

5:30-6:45 – International Initiatives towards a Humanistic Digital Future

Panelists: Viola Schiaffonati (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Marcel Broersma (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Michele Elam (Stanford University, USA), Paul Timmers (Digital Enlightenment Forum)
Moderator: Carlo Ghezzi (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)


Join experts and policy-makers in an online discussion on Digital Humanism: Zoom (Password: 0dzqxqiy) or YouTube



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