Five Senses Call 2006 - Five SensesCI06-025

WikiVienna - Building your own city in virtual space

Principal Investigator:
Abgeschlossen (01.01.2007 – 31.12.2009)
€ 400.000

The goal of the “WikiVienna” project is to build up a medium for city exploration and to provide interaction via the 5 senses (to search, to find, to see, to explore and to augment) with this information space.
This goal is accomplished using a simple 3D model of a city as information space which is steadily augmented with data (images, audio, video, …) from visitors using their mobile devices. The idea of the Wikipedia project is borrowed, where everybody can contribute to increase the amount of information. However, in this project a spatial information layer to organize the data is added and mobile devices are used as interfaces to this information space. The resulting framework is applied to the city of Vienna.


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