Five Senses Call 2006 - Five SensesCI06-002

Aesthetic Know How. Language - Technology - Media

Aesthetic Know How. Language - Technology - Media
Principal Investigator:
Sibylle Moser und Katharina Gsöllpointner
LOOP - association for media systems research
Aesthetic Know How. Language - Technology - Media
Abgeschlossen (01.03.2007 – 31.08.2009)
€ 315.200

The project AESTHETIC KNOW-HOW investigates the interplay of hearing, seeing and kinesthetics in language perception. The systems theoretical foundations of the project focus on the ways in which communication technologies such as script, acoustic and audiovisual recording techniques determine text processing. Theoretical assumptions will be validated through expert interviews with prominent Viennese artists who work at the interfaces of script, sound and image. The content analysis of the interviews will extrapolate a set of criteria for the effective use of texts in intermedia contexts. Results of the project will be practically implemented through a website in an exemplary cooperation with young media artists from the University of Applied Art.


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