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FoSII - Foundations of Self-Governing ICT Infrastructures

FoSII - Foundations of Self-Governing ICT Infrastructures
Principal Investigator:
Abgeschlossen (01.04.2009 – 31.03.2012)
€ 300.000

While it is possible today to offer the packaging of software into services no practical approaches are so far available for packaging computing power as a service. Yet this could be a low-cost and massively scalable solution for problems which presently require the purchase of expensive computers. The project investigates the problems arising from the lack of dynamism and adaptivity in so-called service-oriented architectures (SOA). Emulating the principles of autonomic systems (such as operate in biological systems), it develops novel methods for communications between ICT systems and for their self-management. Applications include the easier combination of IT systems operated by two or more companies in the case of a merger.


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