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The Wiener Wissenschafts-, Forschungs- und Technologiefonds (Vienna Science and Technology Fund) is a non-profit organisation established to promote science and research in Vienna. The Fund’s funding tools and methods are designed to strengthen top research in Vienna. Some of its calls are explicitly directed at promoting promising young scientists.
The WWTF obtains its funds from the “Privatstiftung zur Verwaltung von Anteilsrechten”, a private foundation in the financial sector which was set up in order to manage equity interests.


WWTF is employing a programme manager (area: Life Sciences). Job application until June 5. → Job-Announcement

WWTF LS16 Call "Precision Medicine"
The participants' profiles from our matchmaking event can be found here: here

Slideshow of our Life Sciences Day 2015 on June 29, 2015 at the Sky Lounge of the University of Vienna. The projects of the LS Call 2009 presented and discussed their results with an international jury.

The Open Access Policy for projects funded by WWTF can be found here.

Funding Programmes & CallsFunding Programmes & Calls


The Mathematics and ... Project Call 2016 is now being processed - 67 short proposals have been submitted.

The new Life Sciences Project Call 2016 is being processed. This time, the focus is on precision medicine. 64 short proposals have been submitted until January 15, 2016.

A new Vienna Research Group Call 2016 is open. New topic: complexity science.


The Call for Summer Schools in the Social Sciences and Humanities (with means of the City of Vienna, Wien Kultur) has been decided by the international expert jury. WWTF Board of Directors confirmed the recommendation of the call jury. Seven summer schools are funded.

The Vienna Research Groups Call 2015 - Computational Biosciences - has been decided by the international call jury. Jörg Menche joins CeMM and Filipa de Sousa joins the University of Vienna Wien, Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology.

The Cognitive Sciences Project Call 2015 is finished. The international jury selected five projects for funding.

Funded ProjectsFunded Projects

Dirk Praetorius (MA14-044) elaborates on the increase of storage density by heat-assisted magnetic recording for hard drives → article

Markus Aspelmeyer (ICT12) publishes in Nature on the connection of quantum systems → Nature , → Uni Artikel

Jürgen Kleine-Vehn (boku) (VRG10-006) publishes on the specific role of the hormone auxin for plant growth in PNAS.

Andreas Weinhäusel (LS11) is organizing the 3rd Austrian Biomarker Symposium 2016.

Georg Weissenbacher, Vienna Research Groups publishes in "Proceedings of the IEEE" on automatic hardware verification.

Claus Lamm (CS11) publishes in PNAS about the connection between empathy and pain → article

Christoph Becker (ICT12) publishes in IEEE Software special issue on the future of software engineering on sustainability in software engineering (Preprint).

Holger Daims (LS09) publishes in PNAS about the work distribution during microbial interaction PNAS Artikel

Christoph Becker (IKT12) significantly contributes to the establishment of sustainable software design → IEEE article; → Manifest

WWTF Project Database: Brief information about funded projects and persons.