Application Process


Applications are only accepted if submitted at the WWTF eApplication system. For any application, you need to register first at the WWTF eApplication system.  

You can reach the submission system directly: click at the icon on the menu bar above (left most icon). The submission system requires an up to date web browser (please avoid MS Internet Explorer).   

A good portion of the data must be entered online. Certain parts need to upload as PDF files. In the short proposals, also a large share of the scientific part has to be entered online. Full proposals require that the scientific part is uploaded as a PDF allowing for more flexibility to include figures and formula.

All data entered are saved and will be available at the next login. Thus, you don’t need to fill in the proposal in one go. It can be changed at any time before the submission deadline.

The system checks the entered data if they are complete and marks empty data fields. Submission is only possible if the required data fields are filled out. The system closes automatically after the submission deadline is reached. After that time, the proposal cannot be changed anymore. However, it is available as PDF for download. Proposals that were not submitted are not considered in the further evaluation process and will be deleted soon after the deadline. 

Please do not provide hard copies to WWTF office. Signatures must either be scanned or be real Digital Signatures. 

Further details on the submission of the proposals can be found in the respective call documents. 

>> Online Submission System

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